Are you... • Struggling with a nagging sense that something is not right? • Feeling stressed, stuck, or like your life is out of balance? • Tired of not being seen for who you really are? • Do old ways of thinking and behaving cause you problems in your relationships with others and yourself? • Are you facing the challenge of a major life transition or crisis?

While transitions are a part of life, the process of change and growth can often bring about a sense of confusion, fear, and unsettledness into our lives.  Whether planned or unplanned, change can be tremendously hard and scary.  All transitions begin with change, an ending of some sort.  You may perceive this as a loss, as transitions require us to relinquish things that may have been important to us, such as self-image, roles, health habits, certain assumptions and privileges, or even dreams and goals. New beginnings may be impossible to embrace unless we experience the ending of what was. This sense of unsettledness that often comes with loss becomes manageable when we feel that we are progressing toward something meaningful.

You don’t have to go it alone…

Therapy can help.  And I believe therapy can help you feel supported, find clarity, and have more choices.  I am skilled at working with a wide range of adults, couples, and adolescents who are experiencing an emotional challenge, crisis, or life transition. With my support and guidance, you can transform difficulties commonly encountered at different life stages into opportunities for growth and healing. My purpose is to listen and help you find meaning in your unique journey while supporting you into wholeness.


Through warmth, compassion, humor, and gentle challenge, I create a safe, supportive and interactive environment where we collaborate to help you overcome temporary setbacks or heal old hurts that get in the way of living a meaningful and authentic life. My job is not to be the expert on your life so much as to help you discover and connect with your own inner experience. Through meaningful dialogue and other ways of exploration, our work together is always a collaborative process to help you rediscover and unlock your full potential.




The Rhythm of Life Institute is still being established. Currently our focus is on wellness within a mental health framework. However, we will soon be adding an integrative cancer care model to our practice.